Bursting with exquisite fragrances, fantastical shower foam and classic bar soaps. We invite you into our world of wonder where we encourage you to escape the mundanity and stresses of day-to-day life and step into gloriousness. We believe in creating shower moments that improve your mood, even for just 15 minutes. We design our products to help you relax and unwind so you can wash all those troubles away and focus on some me-time.

Escape the everyday ordinary with our fantastical range of shower gels, bath creams, foaming products and bar soaps

Imperial Leather x Skinny Dip Foamburst Shower Gel

We’ve teamed up with Skinny Dip to bring you 3 new fabulous foamburst body wash with new fragrances and a new look.

Sweet Treats Bar Soap

Escape the ordinary and indulge your senses with our Sweet Treats Range. The caring formula with its creamy dreamy lather has been crafted to be gentle on your skin.

Foamburst Ultimate Moisture

Try our NEW whipped cream body wash; our most luxurious yet. With 3 days long-lasting moisturisation for instantly softer smoother skin.

Every Imperial Leather fragrance experience is a wondrous, transformative escape from the everyday. We believe everyone deserves a sprinkling of magic, happiness and wonder in our world.