Foamburst Ultimate Moisture - 3 Day Long Lasting Moisturisation

We’ve teamed up with Skinny Dip to bring you 3 NEW fabulous foamburst body wash with new fragrances and a new look.

Shell Yeah Foamburst Body Wash

Immerse yourself in the calm of the ocean with the aquatic blue pearl & sea spray fragrance that will leave your skin feeling fresh & your senses revived. Shell Yeah please!!

Born to be Wild Body Wash

Indulge your wild side with our exotic, heavenly vanilla orchid and jungIe flower fragranced shower gel. Get ready to excite your senses and release your animal instinct!

Feelin’ Fruity Body Wash

Re-energise your senses with our exotic blend of beach blossoms & bejewelled fruits. Get ready to enter a tropical paradise with this expertly crafted fruity scented shower gel.

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A unique gel to foam lather shower experience

Be amazed as Foamburst instantly transforms in use from a smooth gel into mounds of rich, creamy, cloud-like lather

with 10x more foam* that glides across your skin like silk; for a shower like no other! 

Our unique formula is so rich and silky it can be used for shaving, leaving your skin feeling nourished and delicately cared for.


*vs. our regular shower gel

Never get Foamo from Skinny Dip!

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*excludes sale and branded items

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